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Our Voting System is Rigged! Sad Face

About this web site


Douglas Lindsey


I'm a Constitutional Republican, what is a 'Constitutional' Republican you might ask?

Is someone regardless of  Political Party who will honor, support and defend the Constitution as its Amendments were intended, written, signed, and ratified by the States.  A Constitutional Republican rightly believes the false doctrine of a 'living constitution' is SEDITION.

Why are you so interested in the U.S. Voting System?

Ever since I went online to change my voter registration Party info in CA back in 2006 and find out just how unsecure it was I started looking into "The Threat of Non-Citizens Voting "by Hans A. von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation Hans Von Spakovskywhich started my long journey into how our voting system really works and voter fraud in general.  If Progressives were correct in most of their assertions about Voter Fraud, Voter ID Laws, and our Voting System I would be agreeing with them, but the truth is they are flat out wrong. Progressives claim there is no 'widespread' voter Fraud ....haaaaaaaa!  It would be comical if it wasn't so sad and they keep on lying about there being actual PROOF of Citizenship requirements to vote and will never admit to the FACT there are indeed NO PROOF of Citizenship requirements to register to vote in the Public Square, but wait!

A Progressive Reporter did just that, he asked Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach if there should be PROOF of Citizenship requirements NATIONALLY, finally revealing the truth which Progressives have been lying about for years.

Kris Kobach agrees with Donald Trump that ‘millions’ voted illegally but offers no evidence
The only “hard, physical evidence” Kobach cited in Wednesday’s allegation came from Kansas. The Kansas secretary of state has said in court that 25 non-citizens were either on the voter rolls or had tried to register to vote in Sedgwick County.

Those cases happened between 2003 and 2016, and only three of the 25 on the list actually voted, according to a document from Kobach’s office. Kobach has used that data in court to help defend the state’s proof of citizenship law. It requires new Kansas voters to show a document like a passport to prove they are citizens.

When Progressives say there is no such thing as 'widespread voter fraud', they are BOASTING about how the system allows dead people, felons, and non-citizens to vote, have their votes counted, and very little chance of them getting caught. Progressives also keep saying one needs a Social Security Number to register, which of course anyone who has gone thru this site knows by now that's just a lie. 

The idea in 21st Century America people are unable to prove who they are and that they're U.S. Citizens is preposterous and quite insulting to every American from every ethic group.  I guess the more Progressives fought me about Voter Fraud and our Voting System the more I fought back.  In a way you all can thank Progressives for this web site, they are my main motivation for keeping up the fight. Seditious Progressive Democrats need to be fought wherever you may find them or the Constitutional Republic will be lost.