Our Voting System is Rigged! Sad Face

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Progressives often repeat the same old two questions when they refuse to accept non-citizens are voting...

How can a undocumented immigrant (they never say.."illegal alien")  vote at the Polls? 

And this jewel ...

Why would a undocumented immigrant risk voting?

An illegal alien does not have to show up to vote, they can register to vote with just their name, address, copy of a Bank Statement, sign the Form and shortly later request to receive Mail Ballots Permanently .

Here how it’s done:

1. Fill out the State’s Voter Registration Form with return address information leaving the social security number and driver’s license information blank.

2. Do not check the citizenship box.

3. Signed the State’s Voter Registration Form under penalty of perjury.

4. Wait for the absentee ballot to come in the mail, vote and return the ballot thru the mail system.

5. The illegal alien vote will be counted; it's almost impossible for a State or Federal election to be overturned because of non-citizens voting.

Most illegals know the States don’t validate citizenship when people register to vote or prosecute people for voter fraud. Illegal aliens have a better chance of winning a State Lottery than being set to jail for voter fraud. And here is the kicker illegals even have would be Congresswoman Francine Busby actually telling them they "DON'T NEED PAPERS TO VOTE"

Illegal aliens did not respect our immigration laws, what makes anyone think that they will respect our election laws?

And as for the 'RISK' involved...

False claims to register or vote. 18 U.S.C. § 1015(f) - Whoever knowingly makes any false statement or claim that he is a citizen of the United States in order to register to vote or to vote in any Federal, State, or local election (including an initiative, recall, or referendum)…

False claims of citizenship.18 U.S.C. § 911 - Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

The catch here are the words 'knowingly' and 'willfully' which means a noncitizen stands before a Judge could literally say "I DIDN'T KNOW..." and the Judge would have to throw out the case which makes Prosecutors reluctant to take a voter fraud case concerning a noncitizen to court. Democrats created and wrote these voter fraud laws along with identity fraud laws which begin with the same type of wording.

CA Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a Bill passed by the Democrats which would have allowed non-citizens to be Jurors. This would close a check that crosschecks the voter database against a small sample of Jury Duty declines due to non-citizenship status.

Those evil Progressives sometimes even amaze me to what lengths they will go to gain advantage an at the polls! Progressives have successfully created a system of institutionalized voter fraud which allows republican votes to be cancelled out while counting the votes of illegitimate voters .... brilliant ...very brilliant indeed.

According to the DNC’s own report “2008 Survey of the Performance of American Elections Final Report” 65% of registered democrats support ‘Proof of Citizenship Requirements. In fact every Poll done since 2008 has shown the majority of American voters support Voter ID Laws, even Democrats.

Here are some links to articles about Polls supporting Voter ID Laws


Court blocks remedy on Wisconsin voter ID law!

Our current system of ‘institutionalized voter fraud’ was deviously designed by Democrats to indirectly include non-citizens and felons [now estimated at 21.3 million potential voters] by not requiring ‘proof of citizenship requirements’. The Democrat Leadership is claiming it’s too much of a burden for the elderly, poor and minorities to attain a photo id to vote. According to Progressives such people don’t have enough personal responsibility to safeguard their citizenship documents to vote so States should create a system of social justice vice equal justice to accommodate these unmotivated minions of the DNC and if a few Republican Voters have their votes canceled out by a non-citizen....well...that's Democracy!

Studies from the Brennan Center of Justice have shown at least 11% [23.6 million] of the Voting Age Population [235,809,266] do not have or cannot find their ‘Birth Certificates’ to attain a Photo ID. The leadership of the DNC claims Voter ID Laws disenfranchises the poor, elderly and minorities to vote because the vast majority of the ‘11%’ don’t have a photo id. For example in the 2010 National Election there was a Voting-Age Population of 235,809,266 voters of which only 90,682,968 or 41.6% turned out to actually vote. Are we to forgo voter integrity because 11% of the [irresponsible] people fail to get photo id when only 41.6% of the eligible voters bothered to vote? No common sense dictates that to ensure voter integrity proof of citizenship requirements and photo id must be applied, equal justice and the rule of law.

We have a second Amendment Right to 'Bear Arms' but we must all provide the necessary paperwork and wait out the time period to buy a gun. No one can walk into a Gun Store and buy a gun without any type of valid identification, they just don’t sign a form on the threat of perjury and receive a gun and walk out the door. But this logic doesn’t seem to sink into the most progressive democrats. Why aren't Progressives claiming Gun Control Laws are disenfranchising the poor and minorities?

Citizens have a right to drink alcohol but they can't walk in, sign a form stating they are 21 years old or older and then walk out the door with their booze, can they? But this is exactly how our voting system really works, you sign a form under the threat of perjury which everyone knows is no threat at all and then you get to vote.

The U.S. has the fattest, laziness and most entitlement minded poor people in the world, these ingrates expect the rule of law to bend over backwards to accommodate their irresponsible behavior and lack of motivation to get a photo id. Hell if the Iraqis can brave bullets, even death for the privilege to have a 'purple' finger and vote, why can’t Americans find their way to the DMV to get a photo id? Civic duty escapes such entitlement minded people; these ingrates expect the government to do everything for them including 'automatically register them to vote'.  In a Free Nation one has the Right not to vote if they don't want to....PERIOD!


Democratic Congressmen Greene and Moran demanded Photo ID at their town hall meeting to make sure only people from their political districts were attending their meetings but they both voted against Photo ID Laws at the Voting Booth. Their hypocrisy proves how lame the progressive democrats arguments about ‘Voter ID Laws’ really are!

Let's review shall we:

There are no FAIR ELECTIONS until proof of citizenship and photo id requirements are implemented in all of the Union...PERIOD!

Make an effort to perform your Civic Duty to register to vote and then VOTE!

As a Precinct Inspector I saw a Yellow Taxi pull up to the Polling Place where I was in charge of and a young man got out. It seem this person was having trouble, so, of course I went over to help.  It turns out the young man was a blind wounded warrior who was made blind in Afghanistan, he paid a price for our freedom and then he paid once again for a ride in order to vote.  When people complain to me about how hard it is to register to vote and vote I always think of that U.S. Soldier and want to scream out STFU!


Call your Congressman or woman and ask them to RECONCILE the National Voters Registration Act of 1993 to INCLUDE PROOF of Citizenship requirements, it's as simple as that.