Our Voting System is Rigged! Sad Face

The Polling Place

The Polling Place is where Voter Impersonation takes place and without Photo ID to prevent it even the former Attorney General Eric Holder can be impersonated.

US Attorney General Eric Holder's Ballot to Vote Offered to Total Stranger

The NH Secretary of State William M. Gardner who is a Democrat supports Photo ID

In the 2016 Primary Elections NH and WI States with Photo ID had the highest Voter Turnout Rates at 52.4% and 49.4% while States like New York and New Jersey without Photo ID had the lowest with 21.4% and 20.4% . There is no evidence that Photo ID restricts voter turnout.

In 2005 a Georgia law requiring Photo ID to vote was challenged in court by left-wing organizations that claimed it disenfranchised the poor and minorities. During the course of two years of litigation, however, the plaintiffs could not find a single eligible voter in Georgia who was disenfranchised by the Georgia law.

Contact GA SOS and just ask them.

The Poll Worker by Election Law must ask the person standing in front of him at the Check-In Station if they are here to vote, if they say 'yes' then the Poll Worker must ask the person for their name and address in a tone of voice the PW can understand and then repeats it back to the Voter. In States like CA this is one of the few voter integrity mechanisms in place.

The Image BELOW Street Indexis from the 2016 Presidential General Election November 8th Poll Workers Manual2016 Poll Workers Manual. and an example of what a Street Index looks like when it is properly maintain. The Street Index is a list of Voters names and addresses it's posted outside as Election Law demands, this list has all of the names and address of voters for that specific Precinct. The List is updated on the hour during Election Day by a Poll Worker when the Polls are open and names are crossed out so Political Parties can see if their people have voted or not, and if they haven't vote some Political Hack can call them to get out to the Polls and vote. The Street Index List can be used by dishonest people or groups of people to see who didn't vote and then just walk up to the Voter Check-In Station, state that name and address and without any Photo ID requirements the Poll Worker will just give them a Ballot then cross that name and address off the list. If the HAVA Voter Database is not cleaned of Dead People, recent person(s) who died will still be on this Voter List. California holds the distinction of being the only state without a HAVA-required central voter registration database.

California Failed To Meet HAVA Deadline And Entered Into MOA To Avoid Litigation

HAVA required that California's new database be certified by January 1, 2004. Being unable to meet that date, the state negotiated a delay in implementation until January 1, 2006. Because California was failing to meet the second deadline, it was at risk of legal action by the U.S. Department of Justice (Justice). To avoid a federal lawsuit, California sought guidance from Justice in January 2005. It entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Justice in November 2005, which allowed the state to further delay implementation of a fully-compliant database. In short, the agreement required that California establish a statewide voter registration list by integrating and synchronizing the voter rolls of its 58 counties into a single, uniform system to serve as the official voter registration list for election purposes. That system was also required to be configured to accommodate electronic verification of registrants' driver's license, California ID or partial social security number data, and to receive information from other state agencies for list maintenance purposes. This enhanced current system allowed California to attain "interim" HAVA compliance until the mandated database was built and certified, putting the state into "optimum" HAVA compliance. This temporary database uses 1993 technology and is called "Cal Voter" --- Election Integrity Project 'The Doors Are Wide Open For California Election Corruption'

Common Sense dictates with the possiblity of millions of Dead People still on the Voter Rolls in CA there is bound to be some Voter Fraud but without Photo ID it can go undetected.