Our Voting System is Rigged! Sad Face

How does our Voting System really work?

Our current Voting System was created by a Democrat Majority in Congress back in 1993 to allow dead people, felons, and non-citizens to vote, have their votes counted, and very little chance of them getting caught. I call this 'Phony Baloney Democracy' and 'Rigged' in favor of Democrats because common sense dictates dead people, felons, and non-citizens would more likely vote for Democrats rather than Republicans..

The National Voters Registration Application Form


The Citizenship Checkbox

Contrary to what it seems a person doesn't have to check the box in order for the NVRA Application Form to be processed and the person registered!

Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates 107th Congress Second Session Volume 148 Part 15

Senator Kerry on HAVA 2002:
“This provision directly conflicts with the protections of the national voter registration act, which prohibit the use of at driver's license or social security number to authenticate a voter's registration although I understand the desire to reduce instances of voter fraud. I believe these provisions are overly burdensome and unfair to many voters. This provision also has serious privacy implications.”

Senator Chris Dodd on HAVA 2002:
“It is simply inaccurate to state that any registration application is required to be invalidated under this section if an applicant forgets to check-off the citizenship box. Nothing in this provision makes the completion of the check-off box a condition of federal eligibility. The conference report does not establish federal eligibility requirements for voting. NVRA only requires that an applicant sign the registration attesting to his or her eligibility, including citizenship. The check-off box is a tool for registrars to use to verify citizenship, but nothing in the conference report requires a check-off or invalidates the form if box is left blank.”

Box 6 — ID Number

Federal law requires that states collect from each registrant an identification number. You must refer to your state's specific instructions for item 6 regarding information on what number is acceptable for your state. If you have neither a drivers license nor a social security number, please indicate this on the form and a unique voter id number will be assigned to you by your state.

If the U.S. Citizenship check box is not checked or the form is not signed the Register of Voters will send a letter to the person's address telling them to fix the errors, BUT they are still registered to vote and defaulted to CITIZENSHIP STATUS.

Mexican Voter ID Card FRONTSIDE Mexican Voter ID Card BACKSIDE

The sad fact of the matter is in States like CA you don't have to show any 'stinking badges' to vote. Mexican citizens are indeed required to have government-issued photo ID cards in order to vote in federal elections in Mexico! The Mexican Voter ID Card has an Picture on the front and thumb print and signature on the back. Only when the thumb prints and signatures MATCH does the vote count. I wonder if Jorge Ramos has a Mexican Voter ID Card? Maybe the next time Jorge is on 'The Factor' Bill O'Reilly might want to ask him? Mexico has a more secure method of voting than the U.S., we can learn a lot from our Neighbors to the South.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are against Voter ID Laws.  Obama's DOJ sued AZ and KS for installing POC requirements to vote, but take a look at this! Since June 27, 2013 on the White House Web Site ....

"In Kenya, the $53 million Yes Youth Can program empowers nearly one million Kenyan youth to use their voices for advocacy in national and local policy-making, while also creating economic opportunities. In advance of Kenya’s March 2013 general elections, Yes Youth Can’s “My ID My Life” campaign helped 500,000 youth obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration, and carried out a successful nationwide campaign with Kenyan civic organizations to elicit peace pledges from all presidential aspirants."