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Mail Ballots

Mail Ballot Envelope
Above image is an example of a CA Mail Ballot Envelope.

States and Political Parties are trying to influence people to vote by mail!

Don't listen to them!

According to the Boston Globe "As voting by mail rises, so do problems with ballots". The article states nearly 2 percent of absentee votes are rejected

"In the last presidential election, 35.5 million voters requested absentee ballots, but only 27.9 million absentee votes were counted, according to a study by Charles Stewart III, a political scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He calculated that 3.9 million ballots requested by voters never reached them; that another 2.9 million ballots received by voters did not make it back to election officials; and that election officials rejected 800,000 ballots. That suggests an overall failure rate of as much as 21 percent."

Mail BoxIf you vote by Mail Ballot the chances you are voting early and a lot can change (DEBATES) before the actual election which could have had an affect on your decision but now it's too late. Mail Ballots are not SECRET, they have your name on them. A Mail Ballot could be lost, mangled, or even stolen going to you and going back to the Register of Voters. The Register of Voters must validate the signatures on the Mail Ballot before it is even opened and counted which means if you vote by mail you are letting someone else decided if they are going to count your vote or not. If you do get a Mail Ballot the best choice of action is to just drop it off at your Polling Place and watch it go into the Ballot Box, you will sleep better if you did.Mail Ballot Drop off at the Polls

The real vote-fraud opportunity has arrived: casting your ballot by mail

"Election fraud is rare, but it usually involves absentee or mail ballots, said Paul Gronke, a Reed College political scientist, who directs the Early Voting Information Center in Oregon. He cites what he calls a classic example of election fraud, a local official stealing votes by filling out absentee ballots. That was the case in Lincoln County, W.Va., where the sheriff and clerk pleaded guilty to distributing absentee ballots to unqualified voters and helping mark them during a 2010 Democratic primary.

Jason Randall
Jason Randall, 26, places his mail-in ballot in a drop box outside the Lane County Elections Office in Eugene, Ore. Although Oregon conducts all of its elections by mail, residents have the option of mailing their ballots or returning them at drop boxes located throughout the county.

Curtis Gans, director of the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, said vote-buying and bribery could occur more easily with mail voting and absentee voting. At a polling place, someone who bribed voters would have no way to verify that the bribe worked. A person who bribes mail voters could watch as they mark ballots or even mark ballots for them. "

Most people know USPS is not perfect and far from being secure, but they go ahead and vote by MAIL for the convenience instead of going to the Polls.


The above Heritage Foundation Report from 2008 - 2012 found 879 cases of Voter Fraud in the Nation, 77 of these were 'absentee ballot' fraud.  Someone could not vote by MAIL in the Primary Election, vote by Mail in the Presidential Election and then vote again at the Polls by surrendering their Primary Election Ballot, receiving a Presidential Election Ballot by an undertrained and overworked Poll Worker, and then vote again. I doubt the System would even catch it, or if it did, discount it as a mistake...then let it go.

But if you want to read the 'plus side' of voting by mail read this report 'The New Realities of Voting by Mail in 2016' by the Bipartisan Policy Center which advocate the virtues of voting by mail and made this comment in the 'Introduction' section of the report:

This report about The New Realities of Voting by Mail in 2016 includes recommendations for action by voters, election officials, lawmakers, and the USPS in order to ensure voting by mail remains a secure and efficient option for participation in American elections.

One of the many things I learned from that REPORT above is; you can report problems with voting by mail thru their website...

Election Mail

...OR...you can just report voting by Mail problems to your State's Register of Voters Office.

Read this excellent article about Mail Ballot concerns from Election Integrity Project one of the best Election Watch Dog Groups out there if not the BEST!